Corporate Commitment

Sun Glow is committed to sustained improvement in the environmental performance of our company. We are constantly looking for areas where we have the ability to make an impact on our environmental performance over time. We have begun to implement initiatives that increase both staff awareness and customer awareness. At the office level we are reviewing the rate at which we use consumables, such as paper. We have implemented paperless reporting to customers through e-mail to confirm orders, issue invoices and statements. With the proper selection of sunscreen fabrics office staff are able to work with natural sun light limiting the amount of lighting required. Many of our factory staff live in close proximity to the office allowing them to carpool to work. Sun Glow prefers suppliers that share our philosophy in environmental performance.

Manufacturing Process

Sun Glow continuously sources or internally develops unique, environmentally friendly products for its customers. We have our proprietary products manufactured in our local market. Our fabrics and our operating systems come from various sources, including Canada, USA, and Europe.

At the factory level we are strive to reduce waste in our manufacturing process. We have been sending our packaging, cardboard material to recycling for years. In production we select the fabric rolls that will generate the least waste for the particular job and we try to use the waste for sampling material. We have now sourced fabrics that are completely recyclable. Our supplier of sunscreen fabrics will accept fabric waste to be recycled.

In our aluminum consumption, again we optimize size to yield the minimum waste and send any waste for recycling. Our aluminum suppliers offer recycled materials which we use when the client requirements permit.

Any discontinued or defective fabrics and materials are made available to our customers or others who may have an alternative use for them rather than disposing of them as waste.


The majority of our fabrics have a product certification from either GreenGuard, Oeko-Tex 100, or DIN EN ISO 14001; 2005. SheerWeave fabrics are composed primarily of Fiberglass and vinyl or Polyester and vinyl. The SW7000 fabric is 100% Polyester with Acrylic foamed backing, and is PVC free. Infinity is 100% TPO Thermoplastic Olefin SheerWeave fabrics are manufactured in the United States.

Many of our decorative fabrics are 100% polyester others are cotton and flax. All decorative fabrics are manufactured either in Canada or in Europe.

Braids and coordinated pulls are made from spun rayon, leather, suede, pure cotton, high quality wool, and jute. Additional pulls made from molten glass, reclaimed wood, polished with bees wax and beechwood. All braids and pulls are manufactured in Europe.

Pure Screen

Pure Screen™ is a window treatment fabric that actually cleans the air. A special coating on the fabric enables it to accumulate harmful gases and bad odors on its surface and covert them in a catalytic process into harmless substances such as water (H20) and carbon dioxide (CO2). To read more on this innovative product, view the brochure here.

Product Certifications

Oeko Tex 100, GG, GGCS, DIN EN ISO

Oeko Tex Standard 100:

Our entire Accessories Collection® as well as many decorative fabrics from our standard line all have the Oeko Tex 100 certification. This European certification focuses on textile production and effects on human health. The Textile producers are working successfully to design products so that no harmful substances are present in any significant amounts. Manufacturers can work towards this goal by adopting recognized “environmentally friendly” working methods such as careful selection of dye-stuffs, optimization of the dye baths, chlorine free bleaching techniques, low formaldehyde finishing methods and by selecting pesticide and heavy metal free materials. By employing these and other recognized methods, the results of these efforts are safe products, which pose no risk to the consumer. Manufacture statement available upon request.


Many of our sun screen fabrics have the GreenGuard certification. This rigorous evaluation ensures that the highest industry standards are being applied to maintain indoor air quality for the health and safety of building occupants.

SheerWeave Infinity takes it to the next level.

• SheerWeave Infinity composition: 100% TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) • 100% recyclable (from both post consumer and post industrial sources) • Repeat recyclability for continued sustainability • PVC-free • Lead-free • GREENGUARD® Certified • Produced from 100% post-industrial waste by-product • Every component of this TPO compound is heat and chemically stable • Six neutral colors • Offered in both 3% and 5% open basketweave construction • Resistant to microbial and fungal growth • Durable and washable • Excellent solar heat control and UV and glare reduction capabilities

View the Phifer Infinity Brochure – PDF
View the Phifer GreenGuard Brochure – PDF
View the Phifer Microban Brochure – PDF

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